The blogger who never blogs …:)

For someone who deems herself a blogger I produce precious little online…even my twitter obsession has dwindled down to the occasional retweet…

There is so much I should have blogged over the last 5 years… But I kept  waiting until i had confirmed good news but it never happened.. I managed to make the most amazing possibilities fizzle into nothing with a regularity close to an Olympian skill

.  I tilted at so many windmills i made Don Quixote look like an amateur…and made myself dizzy

Over the last few years I’ve worked with what was the ABDN (big asian business network in Yorkshire)…been to London to meet  Yash Raj films,appeared sort of on BBC Dragons Den follow up, danced with Signature sort of… had tea at the Pakistan High commission..hobnobbed with the stars at The Asian Media Awards…had mneetings with senior business owners..(hello SuitsMEOnline and BombayStores ) the list goes on… and I was doing Desisisters at the same time

Desisisters team rolled out 60 ? events roughly.we just jad random ideas or we were asked to do stuff..r over 7 years..we dressed around 1000 women(and the odd man) in saris, gave them the Desi experience.. 100 women who worked together , from different backgrounds,nationalities, religion… all united by bling 🙂 and a fierce pride in desi culture.

To date..I have not written the business plan…or sorted the website out… 

My biggest failing to date…and the reason it kept fizzling out ..

And all the while I’ve been surviving on very little income  #ExtremeEconomics… I was even thinking of declaring the art of survival on a minimal income a national sport..

and had resigned myself to giving up really.. moving on , retraining as a teacher and being able to pay the rent again

And then along came DesiSisters Mumbai...or the possibility of…again 🙂

Desisisters Mumbai.. the back story

Rewind to Ramadan …last august…2015.A friend of mine,in Mumbai posted on Facebook that this Eid/Ramadan he was going to go out and help someone directly… shortly after , he reported that he had found someone ..  a woman struggling to survive, widowed with young children and unable to work.with the help of his contacts/friends my Facebook friend was able to make Eid very special for a few families this EID…and plans were made to continue

Always full of ideas, I messaged this friend and suggested that long term what those women needed was a means of earning a friend has extensive experience in the retail sector… I suggested that he set up something similar to  Punjammies .. different products but same principle., non-profit , getting women back on their feet,with Desisisters here…in UK and USA selling these products across our network.using the .party plan model ,

recahing out to women here who need help making ends meet… our ‘sellers’ would also be micro-franchisees with business mentoring enabling them to use the experience to discover their own strengths,skills andr# the wonderful art of being able to generate your own income

A Female Empowerment chain…

getting that into a business plan of sorts, a blueprint so that all parties involved..(and that could include you eventually if you so desire),  where was I /

oh yes..a blueprint so that all parties involved fully understand what is happening, and where we are going…and how its all going to be financially sustainable eventually

In Other News ?

Have agreed a partnership with a local venue where the first Desisisters nights can get started…. Eccles Liberal Club has a function room with a proper dance floor, great posing staircase.. and a fully supportive owner up for all the chaos and fun that comes with working with DesiSisters..

AND !!

The mancub is off to university .. after 30 years I’m going to be alone again…super strange thought….can’t see me suffering empty nest syndrome but still….. last one leaves ho9me ( I have three children altogether)

here he is…. aged 5 ..just had to throw in a cute pic..


anybody still reading this ?? :)))))))

Guys..rapid update over… Desisistersplan for World Domination needs to be completed ..and the mancub needs his tea 🙂



and for inspiration…my old friend Arshad from ABDN

At the time this video was recorded Arshad was undergoing chemotherapy for an aggressive cancer which eventually killed him…he didn’t so much as falter in his step, stop working at full tilt until his last few weeks..been watching his videos to keep me inspired.. and this one pretty much explains my vision for Desisisters too