EID ..and GM Police/Manchester City Council..say whaaaaaat ???

oh god…here we go again…another exciting Eid….likely to be crushed by GM Police ridiculously over zealous policing…

For those of you that don’t know, Manchester’s Wilmslow Road is the centre of the universe for young Muslims at EID…after  weeks of being on lockdown with their families, paying respect to tradition and their religion…they are finally free to shower,shave, put on their glad rags and hit the road..in the finest car they ..and their mates…can hire..

and they come to Manchester…from all over the country….to cruise up and down Wilmslow Road, to see all the girls in their finery…and a fair few young ladies cruising in their fancy drives too

And, of course, everyone spends money… something Manchester City Council might want to think about it…. money that comes into our local economy…

that’s not the main reason for my gripe…the stupidity is irritating..and the implicit racism more so…. (seriously…do we implore people NOT to come to United matches ? to Parklife..to all the other things that cause major public disturbances?)


.its not even the racism that bugs me most

its the bloody kids…its absolutely fucking heartbreaking to see all these smiley faces, exuberant…over excited glowing, glistening…sparkly teenagers…ok..maybe early twenties…mostly young people…playing music loudly from their cars…buzzing like giddy little bees…

getting to Manchester, to the edge of Wilmslow Road ‘Curry Mile’… to be greeted by a WALL of stoney faced police.. oh and horses…and scary police wagon things…parked down side streets just waiting for trouble…

from one end of Wilmslow Road to another in a way that wouldn’t be justified by any other event  or tolerated by any other community…

its so mean, innappropriate and completely fucking unnecessary…..

I;ve been there..many a time…

nobody sick on the pavement…nobody passed out on drugs…no foul language or aggressive behaviour…generally…can get a bit hairy later on in the small hours…when only the bad boys are left…but NOTHING on the scale of your average Saturday night in Manchester city centre

I remember one Eid al Adha that was on New years Eve….town centre was full of brawls, stabbings, random violence, drunks.,,,AE overflowing across the city..and in .Rusholme..all the police were there…checked at the time 800+ officers in the ‘curry mile’…for what???…a few fireworks and hand -brake turns…i mean, seriously ?

In 2004, local news headline reads  ‘Eid arrests soar’ ….. wanna know how many ?

A total of 43 people were arrested during the Eid weekend

43 ? out of how many thousands ????????????  and thats ‘soaring’ ?

How many arrests do GMPolice make in an hour on a Saturday night in the city centre ?

On a Bank Holiday Weekend…

and what were they arrested for ?

Two people were arrested for setting off fireworks in crowds, causing a danger to pedestrians and road users.
A number of fireworks were also seized during the celebrations.
Four men were arrested for violent disorder following a disturbance in one of the restaurants on Wilmslow Road and two arrests were made for street crime offences.
The remaining arrests were made for drunk and disorderly behaviour and drink driving.

Oh well… obviously a serious situation……

oh..and …given the following it would be embarrassing if you didn’t make a fair few arrests…got to give yourselves something to do whilst you’re destroying one of the best nights of the year for our young Asian friends…oh..and the families that come down too

There was a heavy police presence along Wilmslow Road. This included traffic checks on main roads and side roads running into Wilmslow Road/Rusholme area.
The GMP aeroplane monitored the festivities.

Monitored by an aeroplane ? I mean, seriously..I pay my council tax for THIS ?

Check out the next line from the  EID news article quoted above

The aim was to prevent hundreds of young men driving ‘flash’ hire cars up and down the curry mile to the cheers or jeers of onlookers

I’m sorry…but just WHAT is wrong with that ?? My 8  year old LOVED it..(. and so did I )and the guys were so good… several letting him take a look inside, sit at the wheel of a Ferrari or a Porsche..really sweet….

I used to take my son every year when he was younger…until he said he didn;lt wnat to go beacuse of the police…they ruin it he said..at age 10 ?)

One year guys in Pan Rhythm gave him a Pakistan flag to put on the car because he wanted one.. 🙂 .. I digress..

Guys… members of Greater Manchester Police Force..of .Manchester City Council….get a grip..

Come on guys…dear GM Police…if you’re reading this…ease up on everyone…relax and feel the magic….

just a few kids in high spirits…and we all know that if you were dealing a with a few thousand white kids that had been fasting, praying and on lockdown for four weeks, it be a damn sight worse than anything you might see in Rusholme this Eid..