‘yeah..i know’…and ‘is yarn your thing’

‘yeah I Know’

I said I was gonna blog every day…. but really don’t want to write just for the sake of it…

had a website in….created and shipped…and paid..temporary relief on the financial front.. very temporary 🙂

explain later.. too fragile to go through the latest quirk in our glorious benefits system…although needed maybe… a nudge from the universe..a reminder to sort this all out and get back to living a ‘normal’ life…

website done good though… WTC are very pleased…business is booming…just thought I’d brag 🙂

Made by myself and Kiri…Pyaara PR our DesiSisters social media ‘business’ occasionally splutters into life

I would tell you more but due at Goddess leonies Workbook pyjama party…and I need someofo that right now..

she makes these yearbooks...i bought one, where you dream your year.. and this is a review session

and ‘Is yarn Your Thing ?’

My interwebs friend Delisa Carnegie , (we met on Customer Love Twitter thing 5 years ago) anyway!! Delisa has launched a Kickstarter… a yarn dying thing that I don’t quite understand because I’m not crafty , but Delisa is ace, and I thoight I’d share in case yarn is your thing…. :))) pls feel free to share on