And Now There’s Ruby.

Not my post..I’m sort of cheating on the daily post thing..
on the daily post..wrote one didnt publish needed editing, next one wriote on paper and lost it..election knocked me out.. and
here’s a REALLY REALLY good post that I love… meet the Unstoppanble Fool

Unstoppable Fool

Counselling is going very well. I’m slowly but surely battering the OCD into submission. I have a few new tics and oddities to rein in but I’m coping. I have strategies. I have confidence. It’s very hard work, I have to admit, but it is absolutely worth it. I can now imagine a future without the anxiety and the compulsive checking and the distorted, angry thoughts. I will also admit that I am getting a little bit scared of how I will cope when the sessions end, but that’s a while off yet and I know that it’s normal to feel like that. I won’t be left to go it alone until I’m absolutely ready.

This week we did something that felt wonderful. I am so excited about it and so determined to make it work that I can’t keep it to myself. I haven’t told anyone real yet, but…

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