Oh sh*t

Plan B went up the wall this morning… my part time number to pay the rent…
Should have started work this morning but….. overslept! !???

I’ve overslept for work before but never ever on the first day
..and big time overslept. .. woke an hour after I should have been there
Called in but couldn’t get hold of mgr .. left number..no call back

Not the end of the world… The job came with a 7 week work period before I would see any cash which made me nervous…that’s a long time to survive. ..and have bits of work coming in…and  maybe  its time to start nailing down the whole desisisters global anarchic co-operative on a ‘change the world one sari at a time’ thing…

In other news the decorating is complete. ..and as requested by Ms Charlene Slimp .. Our Desisister in the desert…here’s a pic



Paper curtains. ..novel idea πŸ™‚

off to clear more clutter… Make more temple like house stuff. ..oh..and clean the fridge

Laters πŸ™‚