Morning….anyone seen my clothes. ..

No updates really last couple of days…been bombarded by people … and doing battle with a document… little job for a friend… why is it the simplest jobs are always the ones that end up taking ages..I’m sort of formatting blind..took me ages..

So here I am…Sunday morning on a bank holiday weekend… start work Tuesday. … house in absolute chaos due to decorating…no idea where my clothes are…entire contents of bedroom spread all over the house… about to embrace the painting and get it all done

Looks like the really big idea might have a supporter.
.heading up to Bradford mid May. . See if we can figure stuff out ..practical stuff…and get this baby moving …

Gonna need to sort my clothes out by then I suspect 😉

And a fair bit of other stuff… until then it’s just me and my emulsion … see ya later xx

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Living room…