feeling fragile….realising how cushioned I am by my online world….

.I ventured into the outside world yesterday ..via a market research focus group .. expected to be a mix…found myself in group of staunch conservatives… plus group leader clearly biased in that direction…wanted to grab him by the scruff of the neck , all of them actually, and show them what the conservatives have done in the last 5 years..bedroom tax, ..arbitrary sanctions….. and the economy anyone ?

all of them highlighted immigration as their principal concern.. not the economy, not the planet….not even the community..just a rabid fear that we are somehow as a nation being taken over by ‘a.n. other’… made all the more poignant by my having come from an afternoon with some really lovely people…business owners (i do websites occasionally)….all ‘immigrants’..second generation maybe but still..these same immigrants they all hated so much

felt the pain… and i was sat there in salwar kameez …#awkward

I played with the idea of pointing out that the ‘immigrant’ population have been propping up the GDP for years now, regenerating our inner cities…and pretty ,much adding to our survival as a nation..not to mention the number of these same communities who lost father and grandfathers to our wars…point of group was to get views not debate so just got through it.. and cried all the way home

moving on…

climbing out of my fragile state this morning to deal with immediate reality..Landlady coming to inspect the decorating in 3 days and only lining paper up there right now..heading off to climb ladders and quite possibly cover myself in paint 😉 and hopefully walls and ceiling at same time..starting by sticking bits of adrift paper back to walls…

This falls into the Create Your temple’ combined with ‘pay the goddamn rent’ section of development for the amazing good idea, which in light # of yesterdays little group seems ever more urgent xxx

Talk soon



heading off to climb ladders… pray for me :)))))))))))