Boardroom table ..and Anil Kapoor..?

So much for habit-forming, set out to write a blog post everyday and failed on day 2 .. wrote a post yesterday but just looking now and revising…

yesterdays post ……

Weekend saw the arrival of HUGE table at Bhangra HQ. .
officially the boardroom table...although at this point in time… I’m the only serving member 🙂

(Update .. couple of desisisters headed over here at weekend…;))

A table big enough to hold all my bits of paper.. A multitude of plans. ..been here 4 days now. ..and still not had time to use it…and though as you can see it’s rapidly accumulating clutter.. not for long…busy , working on website number 2, grabbed part time survival job…and almost ready to get stuck in and sort possibilities for DesiSisters 2015.. might even get the website back up

Anil Kapoor ??? in Bury…?? at a petrol station ?

In other mildly amusing news. ..en route to car collection for mancub yesterday.. I swear I saw anil kapoor in a petrol station  .. For those of you that don’t do Bollywood .. He was the game show host in slumdog .. and for those of you that do. .It requires no explanation. ..personally I fell in love with Mr kapoor watching 1942..A love story

I had to go and ask much to the embarrassment of the man cub. ..face in hands s as I introduced myself and gave me kapoor my number 🙂 wasn’t actually him… His names Malik … and so so wish I had a picture. .:)))
Josh aka man cub has officially disowned me…:)  Staff at [petrol station still trying to figure out what just happened.. gori… knowing Anil Kapoor ??


You can see way it made me smile :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) Serious eye candy 🙂

talk tomorrow..

mwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah xx

off to work on website… clean house and paint bedroom tomorrow, friday desisisters, saturday desisisters convene at Bhangra HQ (the latter being subject to change… Desisisters meetings never go to plan)