Don’t blame me, blame Seth….

There’s very little point to this blog post… and if its in your inbox and unwelcome., please please please feel free to unsubscribe..

Its just I need to find my blogging legs again.. or should that be fingers ? and a post from Seth Godin came in today.. (prime member of my imaginary mastermind group’..), and he said this..

If you’re afraid to write, write a little, every day. Start with an anonymous blog, start with a sentence. Every day, drip, drip, drip, a habit.

If you’re afraid to speak up, speak up a little, every day. Not to the board of directors, but to someone. A little bit, every day.

Habits are more powerful than fears.Β 

from Seths Blog

Looking at it now, doesn’t say quite what I thought it did..but still .. relevant

4 years ago.. I was up for this blogging thing…I blogged everyday during the Pakistan Floods 2010 .. but that died down

then.. I made the fatal mistake of reading everybody else’s…all of a sudden my efforts seemed lame, and there were so many fancy schmanzy websites out there…and such elegant writing..I kinda froze..

I took to reading everything humanly possible about how blogging should work, could work… scheduling, no scheduling..which posts work best, I also got totally hooked on Twitter :)) but thats another story

I explored social media as a a potential career… and ended up working in a call centre

I was then, and still am, sort of straddled across a huge life change πŸ™‚

led astray by a brilliant idea.. the idea that won’t leave me alone πŸ™‚

DesiSisters…my amazing idea for changing the saree at a time..sort of… which I will eventually explain..within the next few days..

Its crunch time again… sat here in glorious sunshine, house is still a tip..and I have to figure out how I am going to survive whilst i give this’ career renegade/global multinational organic anarchic co-operative on a desi tip’ another shot

There is a path.. what I refer to as the golden rules of inerwebs success..starting with

embracing the ‘Clear Your Clutter..Create Your Temple’ steps Β and seem to be going a long way back before I go forward.. (see previous post )

As you can see … living room dominated by throne, clothes… the odd sari and related paraphernalia in there..and the distance..the disco ball

The stuff is there mostly from my bedroom which is being decorated..( to offset the rent which I havent got a hope of paying at the moment πŸ™‚

When I get past the ‘Clear Your Clutter…’ stage..and have some sort of a temple going on in here… I;ll get round to owning my crazy..and then the fun could really start

Own Your Crazy… Johnathan fieldsΒ < another member of my imaginary mastermind group.. I chose the best πŸ™‚

Bye for now..and like I said..if this is landing in your inbox, unwanted..just unsubscribe…there’s a link at the bottom




2014-08-08 10.50.33

Give me a couple of days and I’ll move past this stage…




  1. pippa says:

    Blog blog blog Jen! It’s good to hear your voice. I miss you. Catch up needed, hugs and wine too. Lots of love. xxx

    1. Jen says:

      Thank you pippa! !!! This blogging thing is much scarier than it looks ! :)))

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