Ignore everything else on here for now – April mid..2015


Except maybe the desisister what page…

I’ve managed to kill off (accidentally) all my other websites…and decided to revert to here…

however .. this website/blog is full of all sorts of stuff, links i’ve saved, feeble attempts at a post, and the odd reblog

so..read around at your peril…

Wrote this a week ago….and then accidentally posted on a client website …you can see why social media management wasn’t really working out for me 😉


Same old same old. .. Saturday morning sat musing on the sofa and came to the conclusion that I really needed to blog…like right now…start telling people what’s going on…

Or rather ‘what’s not going on’ given that I’m sat here on a sunny Saturday morning drinking coffee. .smoking and reading ‘karma cola’ (google it…can’t be bothered to add link).

Not entirely sure what I think of it…its not my take on India although I am familiar with the truth of the book. …not here to do a book review. .. its very well written but a bit boring only because it’s so far away from how I am..


.yes…what should be going on…. DesiSisters… The idea that won’t leave me alone

2014 was another ‘failed to get it right and take off year’ coupled with more family stuff…but at least no – one died  year……which makes it better than 2013

.end of 2014.. Sept actually…took decision to stop everything. . .ideas .plans….just give up..retreat…

and get a job..get some bills paid …pay for son’s 18th party .. have a Christmas. .

Found myself in a portable cabin in Trafford Park for 6 months working for bright house inbound call centre…working for stores.sorting deliveries and service calls and stuff 9 hours a day….

For those of you who have never worked in a call centre..by the time you get to the end of the 9 hours you feel like you have brain damage.. So I crawled home every night…and hibernated…one of my mat enjoyable winters ever.. The girls were a good laugh..lots of drama..We were cooped up in a portakabin. .was a bit like big brother on acid…all the different personalities..

Feb 2015 and looked like the temp contract was coming to an end…changes were being made and the temp team weren’t needed anymore…should have finished 2nd April .but I bailed just over a week early….desperate to get back to looking at Desisisters again ..ready to pull together what I think is the final blueprint :))) the game plan for Desification Of The Nation.  ta da!! exciting !!

fast forward 2 and a bit (now 3 and a bit) weeks and I haven’t even started #EEEEEEEEEEEEEK

… its as if all the time I imagined I would have to calmly review all my work and carefully consider the future..

has been swamped by 6 months of accrued ‘shit that needs sorting’ ..

catching up with friends and family…

refereeing various family rows. ..#

and taking the mancub for his first car #


When I have managed to focus on ds . Various conversations I’ve had have been really encouraging …and nd Lord knows I’ve got the contacts now…and a clear idea of what I want to… Just need to clean the kitchen..sort the washing..do the shopping. Take care of sick teenager . ..

And then I’m going to follow what I have decided is the golden ruled for success on the interwebs…

First purpose of this post by the way was to remark on the obstacles work at home mums face 🙂 you can say no to your children’s requests when you’re in an office. .where the boss montane boundaries…but at home..you feel duty bound to do as much as you can. .and you do it because you can and the whole point of trying to survive ‘outside the cubicle’ is so that you can spend 2 days with your son looking for cars…share his big moment But if I don’t get the balance right soon ..we’re going to starve 🙂 and be homeless. ..or find myself back in another call centre 🙂

So… back to those golden ruled of the interwebs…I’ll list them here…explain them another time…but they are all blog posts. ..pieces of advice from leaders of the interwebs…The thinkers..The people telling the rest of us how to get from where we are to where we want to be…living a life that we love. ..

List with source. ..no links as yet

1.clear your clutter.. everyone

2.create your temple.. Danielle laporte

3.dont punt.. Jonathan fields

4.own your crazy Jonathan fields

5.think like a legend

6.blog..blog…blog…With help of Mr Aguiar

7. Do it by your own rules..everyone

8. Don’t forget you’re frodo. . Naomi Dunford. ..

There’s more…but when all that’s done I’m going to follow Amanda Palmers advice…and ask Xxx


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