Because its nice to be nice….

This is Lavonne…..

Lavonne Ellis…

She is my friend….which means she is a very special person,because all of my friends are…

She wants to go on a Road Trip ..

(see her blog post here)

I want her to go on a Road Trip too….

in a nice way!!

there are million of reasons…I’ve done my best to explain below…but if you wanna trust me, and go and read something else…you can chip in right here...

(i suggest a few dollars, enough for a coffee on the road,gas for a couple of kilometers)

a gesture…a show of support….


Lavonne is selling her not inconsiderable website know how/hosting here

so, for those you who want to know more…

my friend Lavonne…

…we’ve never met, but we’ve tweetchatted and we’ve  skyped…and every time i’ve hollered for help, Lavonne has been one of the first there…

through the Customer Love challenge, weekly tweetchats , Skype, the Customer Love For Japan

I talked to Lavonne a lot….

then i joined up for   Green Card , Lavonne’s first novel, released chapter by chapter , as she wrote it..and really really enjoyed listening to the story,as Lavonne created  it. It was a privlige, there’s something very special about being involved on the creation fo a book, a story…

and I even possibly😉 wrote a short story for One.Blue.Berry anonymously…

Lavonne has  had a long and varied life,  career… know how it goes, dreams, family stuff, back to dreams, back to family…a problem common to women everywhere, who put the needs of their children,parents and spouses before themselves….because we love them, because we have to…because we want to….


she’s  always ,always worked,from waittress in a diner to  radio show host in San Diego…and she always works…most of the time now, she puts in a lot of time for free, she runs website, where she publishes short stories, from people taking their first tentative steps into writing…in the past she was the  Customer Love Challenge creator, The Complete Flake , ran Customer Love For Japan and raised $5,000+ (with the help of the Customer Love Challengers),

She once ran a course on evil laughter ))

<p><a href=”″>The Mad Scientist’s Guide to Maniacal Laughter</a> from <a href=””>LaVonne Ellis</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

I think Lavonne really really deserves that Road Trip…

I want this to happen for her…

Go, read her post here and if you feel the same..chip in…there’s a little box on the right hand side…

you can chip in right here...

(i suggest a few dollars, enough for a coffee on the road,gas for a couple of kilometers)

a gesture…a show of support….


Lavonne is selling her not inconsiderable website know how/hosting here

Do Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet

not because its some great cause….

but because its

a really really nice thing to do !


believe me, she deserves it….


because its nice to be nice..

.share a little positivity

and support…

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  1. Jen, thank you SO MUCH — this is wonderful!

  2. Kiri :)))) is this the Reblog you did :)))) < meet Kiri, @thekdiaries and number one desisister :)) Doing her bit for the Lavonne Ellis Riad Trip Chain Gang :))

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