Stuff I am doing….

Rapid Update…..if you’re interested :) 

My To-Do list/Stuff i’m working on…

o Free Parking For Monton

I live in Monton Village, on the outskirts of Manchester,its kind of a bit like Harry Potter…and metro trendy at the same time..its a nice enough place….quite sweet

for the last few months we’ve been under duress, plagued by traffic wardens, parking charges and random changes in parking regulations…the city council appear to be  using Monton as a cash cow..whilst  Monton traders are going out of business…not to mention the number of us living locally who have had to remortgage their houses to repay Parking fines…

Traders and residents, with a little help, have turned to social media to fight their cause.

In order to get Salford Council to hear their  cries, they’ve put together a campaign video, and started a Facebook Page.the video is at the bottom, 18 shopkeepers and residents took part , most of them had never been filmed before…I was at some of the filming and it was great to see people overcome their shyness t speak up…

please go and hit the @like’ button, show Monton villagers and  traders they’re not on their own…

Monton Traders – Free Parking For Monton Facebook Page..

Padgetts – Karen Ashcroft

We have a golden bridal swing to organise for July 7th (Monton Village Festival – yes, there will be cupckaes and henna  !) and possibly a little social media initiation to embrace:)

Bhangra HQ

Stalled a little, although we have managed to get another string of bunting up there and got hold of some fairy lights for the pole, still lotsto be done though. Wanted my favourite Desisisters pics on the wall, a year planner and various maps of the wor;d so I can chart progress of Desification Of The week

Top Secret Project and The Event That Might Not Happen

Talks going on beteen major UK Asian retailer, around launch of Desisisters Top Sekret business idea…to be launched, possibly, at The BHive, July 12th….first step out with micro-franchise paty-plan concept..

Discovery Of The Week – BHive North...rather fab, hot desking,meeting rooms for business women, sat on King Street, Manchester Cty Centre, oasis of calm… loved it…


South Indian Mela – SouthBank,London July 13th/14th

May have a lot to say about this…its taking place July 13th/14th at London’s South Bank,a festival of all that is mesmerisingly wonderful about South Indian Culture, various forms of Indian Classical Dance…the magical stuff…and some amazing food, stalls etc…keep your eyes peeled for further info


and then here’s conversations going on about Monton Festival Pop Up Shop, coach trips to Bradford, Cinema Clubs in City Centre Restaurants and Barge trips in the Autumn…..

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